It’s tough to be ambitious and dealing with limitations.

But just because you have limitations—whether they be caregiving responsibilities, disability, chronic illness, or any other life circumstance that causes you feel fenced in—doesn’t mean you can’t kick ass, too.

“[Esmé Weijun Wang] finds light in her daily quest to help others create, despite the limitations they may face.” —New York Times, Women in the World

Part of my work at The Unexpected Shape is to provide resources for people like you: ambitious people who are living with limitations, who are eager to find new ways to deal with the cards they’ve been dealt on their way to being excellent and building a legacy. And if that sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

I know of which I speak—I’m a woman who lives with chronic illness, including late-stage Lyme disease and schizoaffective disorder. These conditions create boundaries for my life; they also inspire me to guide and support others who are dealing with difficult times. I offer a free series of emails called Encouragement Notes, as well as entry into a supportive, thriving Facebook group made up of fascinating and resilient people of all sorts. A popular workshop has become a short, sweet, and effective email course, A**-Kicking with Limitations. My signature online course, Rawness of Remembering, is a much-loved program that teaches the skills needed for restorative journaling through difficult times.

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