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If you’ve poked around this place, or have gotten to know me through social media, and feel yourself to be a kindred spirit, perhaps you’d like to stay in touch as well.

I’ve got a little letter that floats into inboxes every month, called With Love & Squalor. I try to keep these missives in the vein of a thoughtful letter to a good friend–and in particular, a good friend who might be curious about what makes up a creative legacy, gung-ho about good writing, or intrigued by the interplay between resilience in difficult times and the mastery of an art or skill. And because our inboxes can be scary places these days, I always keep in mind how much I want my letters to make your digital life brighter.

Want to see examples? You can check out old letters here, here, and here.

“It feels as lovely as getting a letter in the mailbox to receive a With Love & Squalor email; they are notes of quiet, honest, reflective encouragement that always end on a slant of sunshine.” —Jennifer




As a welcome present for saying yes to With Love & Squalor, you’ll receive Productivity Journaling with Limitations: The Morning Ritual.

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Productivity Journaling with Limitations: The Morning Ritual is for ambitious planners living with limitations. Do you love analogue planning, or wish to figure out how to start? Are you an ambitious person living with limitations, such as chronic illness, mental health challenges, or care-taking responsibilities? This elegant PDF workbook will show you the methods I use to do my morning planning and journaling, including the 1-3-6 method, the Things I Did Today list, and my particular way of setting wishes and intentions—all while keeping in mind the flexibility needed to live a life with limitations. Productivity Journaling with Limitations: The Morning Ritual is a delightful tool for anyone looking to set up a regular morning routine.

“The [workbook] is amazing, and I genuinely mean that. I think writing down what I’ve done each day and accomplished will help with my mood massively. I also love the 1-3-6 thing; I had never heard of that before, but will definitely be following it from now on.” (Kayleigh R.)





It feels like coming home to a great cup of tea and a friend who knows just how to cheer you up without you even having to say something is wrong.” —Keah B.

“It feels as lovely as getting a letter in the mailbox to receive a With Love & Squalor email; they are notes of quiet, honest, reflective encouragement that always end on a slant of sunshine.” —Jennifer

“I love the honest and open sharing about the writing life, how to persist through struggles while still taking care of yourself. The messages in With Love & Squalor are consistently uplifting and motivating, while also feeling like a big sigh of relief. I so look forward to them.” —Caroline D.

“I love @esmewang’s newsletter, a welcome chunk of goodness amidst my higgledy-piggledy mess of an inbox. Sign up.” —@juliaccarpenter (Washington Post)

“I love With Love & Squalor’s vivacity and transparency, its insistence on both the most beautiful and devastating facets of everyday life. Because it looks bravely at the mind and the body, illness and triumph, it distills reality in an inspiring, refreshing way.” —Linnie G.

“Esmé’s letters are a gift wrapped as half personal essays, half casual reflections, the kind that you may overhear while walking around and that you keep on thinking about for days and days. There’s always something there for you—and that, really, is love.” —Bianca B.


“What I love about With Love & Squalor is that it is, quite simply, a heartfelt message from a friend I’ve never met. Reading it, I feel a connection to you and a glimpse into how things are in your life. I can celebrate your good days and empathise with your harder ones. Your words are always honest and welcome.” —Caitlin P.

“It inspires me to write. Almost always, after reading With Love & Squalor the creative juices flow right out of me and onto the page. It’s a magic I can’t explain and I can’t get enough of. I read all the articles recommended and they usually do the same.” —Anais C.

“With Love & Squalor is like a little nugget of sunshine in my inbox every few weeks.” —Rine K.

“The design of it is absolutely gorgeous, and it’s always like receiving a little gift in my Inbox! I swear I’m always at least 17% calmer after reading WL&S.” —Eileen H.

I know what I’d like to be remembered for. I want to make sure that what I’m putting out into the world matches up with this inner vision. This line of thinking reminded me powerfully of Esmé Wang’s newsletter… It’s one of the few that I’d highly recommend, as it gives me a lot to think about every time it pops into my inbox.” —Reina F.